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This is a personal blog where you get information related to labor card like what is a labor card, how is a labor card made, what are the benefits of a labor card, how to take benefits of a labor card scheme, etc. This information is given by the official notification, news agency , Are taken and posted from social media, etc.


Articles on this labor card portal are published by Jaisingh Rathore, who is an experienced content writer, who has been writing content for 5 years, opposite Jaisingh Rathore from Rajasthan, by whom articles are written on the Labor Cards portal.

The purpose of this labor card portal

The purpose of this web site is to reach the information related to the labor card to the general public, which we can call social service, any update related to the labor card scheme started by the state governments is published through the article, there is a free service where anyone The visitor can visit this portal anytime and get information. Our motive is to reach more people than Jai with the information related to the labor card scheme.